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In Barcelona, culture is safe

It is true that, due to the health crisis that we have lived through, the leisure time that Barcelona could boast so much in previous summers is being harmed. Limited capacity, queues, cancellation of mass events … The necessary measures are being taken in all sectors to ensure the well-being of users as far as possible. But what about the culture sector in particular? Is it being harmed excessively? Is it possible to enjoy a safe culture in Barcelona? We will tell you! For a few months now, the cultural sector has been one of the most affected by the restrictions of the different public organizations to stop the spread of COVID-19. Professionals and amateurs in the sector have not been able to remain silent before abusive measures that are not consistent with others that are being adopted in other sectors, such as the hospitality sector. For this reason, the campaign “La Cultura es Segura” (Culture is Safe) was started, under the hashtag #culturasegura, to claim shows such as concerts, plays, cinema, and other cultural activities that are complying with all the corresponding health regulations and that are also much safer spaces than others where so many restrictions are not being applied. On July 20, 2020, from the #CulturaSegura initiative, a press release was published where the burning issues around cultural restrictions were put on the table: “None of the 140 active outbreaks in Catalonia has its origin in a cultural event”. However, what acts were completely canceled? Cultural events. The outrage of this sector was perfectly justified. They tell us: “It is not acceptable, nor true, nor fair, to tell citizens that culture is a contagious activity and deprive ourselves of the economic viability that we could have after 4 months of crisis. Open beaches, open activities, open streets, vacations around the corner, and the only occurrence is to close safe spaces where people have a good time, enjoy, reflect, laugh and cry…, in conditions of maximum control, hygiene and distance, approved by PROCICAT itself.” A sector that takes health security measures seriously, such as the cultural sector, does not deserve to be the most punished. The artists, the professionals, the amateurs, all the people on and behind the stage… They all deserve to be able to continue doing their job, since they meet all the rules to do so. This summer, do safe and responsible activities, go to cultural activities. Go to the movies, the theater, or a concert. In Barcelona, culture is safe.

In October, Barcelona sets sail

In the month of October Barcelona gets ready to open its maritime litoral, sail and host one of the most important fairs in the nautical sector. From the 9th to the 13th October, the International Nautical Fair in Barcelona is celebrated. During four days you’ll be able to visit in the dock of the Port Vell more than 670 boats and 180 yachts and superyachts exposed for the general audience. A big amount of leisure activities are prepared that will please all the visitors. If you are a professional you’ll have the chance to find out about the news that are presented and the opportunity to close meetings with your peers through the Professional Meeting, a platform of reunion between enterprises to consolidate future synergies. The location is amazing, in the very heart of the city, taking advantage of the port facilities the exhibition area is available on land and all the floating sample moored to the dock. The best way to get to their access is, besides public transport, asking for a Zolty in the App. A fast and safe journey from your hotel, enterprise or terminal of arrivals. Don’t waste your time waiting in vain, with a simple click you’ll be able to see the vehicles we make available for you in the area where you’re at. Also, you’ll have the chance to choose between two kinds of rates, the conventional or taximeter and the closed one with a stipulated price from the beginning. Easy and intuitive, the app is a must on your smartphone. Enjoy Barcelona, once you’re done with your activity, may it be leisure or professional, take the chance to know more this elegant and rogue Barcelona. A great variety of shows, restaurants, shops, places of interest, unique and iconic places are waiting for you. You can’t miss it, as the slogan of this huge sail and boats Fair says, Sea People, a sea of experiences.

Messi10 Cirque du Soleil in Barcelona

Messi10, the prepared show by the Cirque du Soleil has already been premiered in Barcelona, and it was the past 10th October in the Forum Parc, and Zolty is ready to take you. Imagine it will be a show where lots of people will go, and possibly the agglomeration of cars will be significant in the area, so we propose you call a Zolty and forget about it. More than 46 artists will make a live representation inspired by the football star. A perfect combination between acrobatics and the story of a young man with an insatiable ambition to succeed in the football world and become the best 10 of history. The Barcelona representation will be unique for all Spain as in 2020 it will start a worldwide tour. The duration is about 90 minutes, a nod to the duration of a football game, and it will be accompanied by a really impactful soundtrack. If you want to buy your ticket here you have the link to do it Messi10 Parc Forum and here you have the Zolty one so your trip to there is as pleasant as possible. Who’s who in this story? Lionel Messi, also known as Leo Messi, an Argentinean football player that has developed his whole professional career in the FC Barcelona, and that has 5 Golden Balls and 6 Golden Boots besides of 34 titles of different championships with his team. Nothing else to say about this world star. The Cirque du Soleil was born at the beginning of 1980 as a group of street artists in a town near Quebec, Canada. Its founder Gilles Ste-Croix believed that a cast of artists a little bit eclectic that combined dance, music and acrobatics would be the future of circus. A concept which is way far from the circus of that moment, free of animals and with a huge visual strength would be the embryo of the current model of circus this millennium. Their first tour outside Canada, in the year 1987 to the USA, with their show “We Reinvent the Circus” was a true surprise for everyone. From that moment on, the history of circus art has been rewritten and the Cirque du Soleil is its principal actor.