Messi10, the prepared show by the Cirque du Soleil has already been premiered in Barcelona, and it was the past 10th October in the Forum Parc, and Zolty is ready to take you.

Imagine it will be a show where lots of people will go, and possibly the agglomeration of cars will be significant in the area, so we propose you call a Zolty and forget about it.

More than 46 artists will make a live representation inspired by the football star. A perfect combination between acrobatics and the story of a young man with an insatiable ambition to succeed in the football world and become the best 10 of history.

The Barcelona representation will be unique for all Spain as in 2020 it will start a worldwide tour.

The duration is about 90 minutes, a nod to the duration of a football game, and it will be accompanied by a really impactful soundtrack.

If you want to buy your ticket here you have the link to do it Messi10 Parc Forum and here you have the Zolty one so your trip to there is as pleasant as possible.

Who’s who in this story? Lionel Messi, also known as Leo Messi, an Argentinean football player that has developed his whole professional career in the FC Barcelona, and that has 5 Golden Balls and 6 Golden Boots besides of 34 titles of different championships with his team. Nothing else to say about this world star.

The Cirque du Soleil was born at the beginning of 1980 as a group of street artists in a town near Quebec, Canada. Its founder Gilles Ste-Croix believed that a cast of artists a little bit eclectic that combined dance, music and acrobatics would be the future of circus. A concept which is way far from the circus of that moment, free of animals and with a huge visual strength would be the embryo of the current model of circus this millennium.

Their first tour outside Canada, in the year 1987 to the USA, with their show “We Reinvent the Circus” was a true surprise for everyone. From that moment on, the history of circus art has been rewritten and the Cirque du Soleil is its principal actor.

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