In this article, we will do some didactics on a subject that involves a certain lack of knowledge of the user, we refer to the differences between a self-rechargeable hybrid vehicle and another plug-in hybrid.

The present of mobility is changing and with the Zolty App we are contributing to it. The optimization of displacements is one of our objectives. Also, a few years ago, the motor world has become aware of this problem and is providing its solutions, at a lower speed than expected but it is also true that there are many parts that must do their part to achieve these advances.

In both cases these vehicles consist of a propellant group with a conventional and an electric motor. They can work alone or in combination. From here it is where they differ.

Self-rechargeable hybrid: the conventional engine has no secret. The electric propeller takes advantage of the energy generated in each braking or acceleration and allows us to circulate for a limited amount of kilometers using this source of propulsion. Although the distance in kilometers is not much, it can vary precisely by this self-recharge process. Any user who usually travels through urban routes is able to take advantage of up to 80% of their routes with this alternative.

Plug-in hybrid: as the name implies, the recharging of its electric propeller is done before connecting to the network. The system always prioritizes this mode, which means a more efficient displacement from the point of view of consumption. The autonomy is much greater than in a self-rechargeable hybrid.

In both cases, the driver can also contribute their ability to make driving more efficient in terms of autonomy and environment.

The highest energy consumption occurs in the start from standstill. Therefore, if we do it gradually, without sudden acceleration, we will get more out of consumption and therefore of autonomy.

Maintaining a constant speed, even if it is low, also helps to travel more kilometers without recharging. In our fleet of vehicles Zolty App we have a large number of units of both types, in addition to other alternative energies.

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