We are fully immersed in a health emergency situation never seen before in the 21st century, neither in Spain nor in the rest of Europe. Due to the state of emergency that affects all of us, the professional urban mobility sector has to adapt to the situation by adopting a series of measures.

The service has been reduced for two reasons. One is the alteration of the normal rhythm of our city as a series of activities are restricted or canceled, which are the ones that provide the largest number of travelers. Shows, fairs, congresses, cruise tourism, airports and more, are being directly affected by a total restriction.

On the other hand, transport companies have temporarily reduced their staff, as far as possible, until the situation changes and it can return to a normal state.

Currently, displacements carried out in a tourist vehicle, under the provisions of article 7 of the Real Decreto 463/2020 of March 14, must be done individually, unless accompanied by persons with disabilities, minors, adults or by other just cause.

In any case, you can only make trips, either by taxi or private vehicle, on foot or by public transport, in the exceptions to the health emergency established in the state of alarm: purchase of food, medicine or other basic necessities, go to the doctor, work, financial and insurance entities, return to the place of residence, travel to care for the elderly, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people, due to force majeure or situations of need.

In Zolty, this episode has made us reflect and value all the advantages that working through this application have. It allows us to optimize the waiting time since we will not be aware of the vehicle that succeeds in passing in front of us. On the other hand, we know in advance how much our trip will cost by opting for the closed fare and if you pay directly with the application you are not exposed to card or money manipulation.

Zolty adds advantages to the situation of uncertainties that we have to live in this state of health emergency.