The new normality that we are experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced many changes in our lives. From the most visible ones such as confinement, social distance, the occupation of public spaces, to others that are not so evident but that contribute to a change in our daily lives, like the ozone treatment.

Surely this year 2020 will mark a before and after in the way of proceeding in many daily aspects. Among the numerous recommendations of the experts, which are included in a series of tips that the Ministry of Health publishes on its website, whose link you can see here, hygiene is the main weapon to combat a possible contagion.

In addition to the hygienic measures that we must adopt to protect ourselves, we must also worry about the objects that we manipulate and the environments where we stay or transit. For this reason, at Zolty we strictly follow these recommendations. All of our vehicles are periodically washed and disinfected.

We follow a strict hygienic protocol, where the first step is an intense washing both outside and inside our vehicles, using a high composition of sodium hypochlorite combined with water and biodegradable detergents.

All our vehicles are periodically washed and treated with ozone

The next step is to treat the entire cabin with ozone. Using the vehicle’s own air conditioning system, ozone, being a gas, has the ability to penetrate and occupy all the areas that are difficult to access by diffusion, which is a great advantage in achieving complete disinfection.

Another of the protection measures that we have incorporated is the installation of transparent partitions to separate the environments from the driver and the passengers.

The sum of all the measures we implement try to maintain the essential health security conditions so that your trip is as reliable as possible, preserving your well-being and that of our collaborators.

Zolty, at the forefront of sustainable mobility. Choose your destination, we will take you.