Zolty App is a urban mobility application that offers you a series of advantages when moving through the city that will make its using a unique and positive experience every time you need it.

You have already downloaded the app directly from your App Store if you’re an IOS user or from Play Store if you’re an Android one.

The first surprise is to find out it’s absolutely free. It’s quickly installed and it’s ready to use from the first action.

Using the geo-localisation system from Google it immediately locates you in the map, and at that moment you’re already able to see the number of available Zoltys around you. You can zoom in the screen to limit the visualisation area according to your criteria.

It automatically places you where you are to pick-up, but if you think you’ll move from the designated spot you can fill the form indicating where you want to be picked up and you click on the arrow that appears in the right side of your screen.

The next thing is to say Where are we going? Just indicate the place moving through the map or writing the street in the correct field.

From that moment, you’ll see our closest Zolty appear, ready to do this trip.

You can choose between two payment models. First of all, a closed-price fee or web payment (T5) where the price is already settled previously, no matter the circumstances of the trip, even if there’s a traffic jam or the chauffeur chooses a different route to take you to your destination. Choosing this modality the payment is done via card through the app, a safe and trustworthy method based on the bank payment standards.

You can also choose the taximeter fee, where your trip will be done according to the agreed rates by the official AMB, being able to pay by cash or card directly to the driver of the vehicle, in other words, is the classic model as always.

Do you want to program a pick-up for another time? No problem, just anticipate the day, time and place and there will be a Zolty, ready to take you where you tell them.

Pay attention to social media, we’ll keep informing you about the promotions that we have prepared so you benefit from important discounts on your trips.

Do you see? Intuitively you have the biggest urban vehicle fleet ready to take you to your destination in Barcelona.

Zolty App