One of the most attractive characteristics of Barcelona is its maritime coastline. A sea front that gives space to well-integrated urban beaches with a multitude of services. Along with other points of interest that we have broken down in previous articles, curious points such as these or essentials of this cosmopolitan metropolis, the beaches are one of the charms of this great city.

Most of the year, the city of Barcelona benefits from a very mild Mediterranean climate, and in the summer the sunny hours invite you to bathe or just tan and be caressed by the gentle sea breeze. Having an aperitif or a meal by the sea are two of the activities that those who visit Barcelona remember best.

However, before the 90s, the relationship of the city with its sea was very different, almost indifferent. Its seafront was occupied by diverse industries and the few beaches that were enabled did not have the minimum services. As a result of the candidacy and subsequent achievement of the 1992 Olympic Games, there was a radical turn to this policy and today we can enjoy all this thanks to those initiatives well implemented.

On the municipal coast of the city, there are 9 beaches that you should definitely know:

Llevant. This beach is of recent integration, since it was adapted as such in 2006.

La Nova Mar Bella is a beach suitable for practicing sports, such as surfing, when the sea is in ideal conditions. For this and for other reasons, it is a beach frequented by young people.

La Mar Bella is next to the previous one, so the type of public is almost the same, young people and athletes. In addition, the Mar Bella beach has a peculiarity, which is that it has a small protected nudist area, between the Bac de Roda jetty and the Mar Bella jetty.

Bogatell. The Bogatell beach is located after the Mar Bella, to the south. This beach has important sports infrastructures behind it. It is a fairly busy beach and very pleasant for its outdoor gardens and wooded areas very close to the sand. It is one of the most lively beaches in the city.

La Nova Icaria is a small beach located between the Bogatell jetty and the Port Olimpic facilities, specifically the Center Municipal de Vela area. It is an urban beach frequented by families, but still very quiet. Very well stocked with catering services a few meters away.

Somorrostro. It is a beach located in the southern mouth of Port Olimpic. It is perhaps one of the most popular beaches in Barcelona.

Barceloneta. Without a doubt, the best known beach in the city, and also the oldest. The most photographed, the most crowded, the most in everything. To speak of Barceloneta is to speak of Barcelona, ​​since this beach is the summer soul of the city.

Sant Miquel. Historically, it is the oldest documented beach, but since it overlaps with that of Barceloneta, it has gained popularity until it is practically unknown.

Sant Sebastià. The fact that the main sports clubs Natació Barcelona and Atletic Barceloneta are in its arena, give it the special charm of being the most active. It is very normal to see people bathing every day of the year, regardless of the season. For a few years, its south side has been closed by the spectacular Hotel W Vela Barcelona, ​​emblem of the city of Barcelona that has helped this beach to rise in popularity points.

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Your destination, the beaches of Barcelona.